Nothing is Beautiful

Nothing is Beautiful.

Chasing Vibrations in the Shaky Isles…
by Ian Perez

Within one day of our trip to the other side of the world,
 I realized something fundamental that had escaped my mind 
in the sprawl of modern California life.
Nothing is beautiful.

 Days 1-7: The 1000k Roadtrip

        Track 1 clicked on as we rolled out of downtown and back onto the serpentine roads of coastal New Zealand. The trip seemed to slow down as together we sang  “…with no direction home”.   We had none.  Guided by swell forecasting, memories from previous adventures and a healthy appetite for the unknown, we had wound our way through more than 1000 kilometers of the North Island’s simple, empty beauty. It was the antithesis of Murphy’s Law: Anything that could go right, did go right.

(Matarangi Beach, looking much colder than reality)

( Warped memories of 1973) 

(Prehistoric interaction in Rotorua, the geyser 
and mud pools of Whakarewarewa)

(Blue Lake, Rotorua, surrounded by mammoth Redwoods and rainforest)

(2 days before our arrival a boy had fallen into these pools and died.
It definitely added to the preternatural spookiness of the area.)

(Natural artwork, courtesy of Kuirua Park)

(Seqouia Sempervirens, California Coastal Redwood, 6724 miles from home)

( No where to go but forward… )

(East coast slop, Whakatane)

( My trusty co-pilo­t)

(Mount Maunganui, East Coast, NZ)

( The Mount, Surf #1, warm water and smiling locals, 2-3 ft to shake off the cobwebs)

There’s so much more to tell, 
Chapter 2 coming soon…

Sincerely yours in sincere sincerity,
Ian Perez

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