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Riley Nickerson

Salem, MA

Height: 6’2

DOB: August 5, 1990

Sponsors: Rome, Rhythm, GBP, Gremlinz, Caked, Sababa, Arnette

Years Riding: Enough

Riley Nickerson is not on your vacation, this is his life. While it would be easy to classify this east coast vagabond as a rail guy, a few runs with him will make you realize that this is far from the case. In a sport that is now dominated by thrice inverted aerial maneuvers, on-hill fashion shows, and jock mentality video parts Riley is a flashback to a different time. The conditions back east hardened Riley into a versatile rider in all conditions but chances are his video part will be almost all in the streets and you’ll probably only see him in rail contests throughout the season, cause that’s where he has the most fun. And when it comes down to it, we should probably all try to be more like that.